Apa yang menarik dengan Apple iPad 2?

Apple iPad 2 will immerse these exciting features and products planned to be launched April 2011. At the launch of this tablet, tablet in the realm of competition fiercer, unlike the first generation was launched when the iPad. Potentially serious opponent came from BlackBerry Playbook, a new version of the Galaxy Tab, and also tablets from other leading vendors.

As quoted from eWEEK, Apple is expected to add some features to keep the loyalty of the iPad. Here are five features that are considered important to embed the new generation iPad:
1. Dual Camera
One deficiency is quite disturbing than the first version of the iPad is a lack of camera. These shortcomings have become a target competitors, such as Galaxy Tab which comes with two cameras.This feature should be embedded in the iPad 2 to give added value.
2. More Light and More Light
Apple used to create gadgets slim without sacrificing performance and quality of materials, call it the MacBook Air. IPAD is thinner than the first generation seems to be tempting.
3. USB Port More
Some users complained about the lack of a USB port on the iPad.Though this feature is needed to support the computing activities.A pair of USB port is probably going to make the customer happy when mounted on the iPad 2.
4. Retina Display
Retina Display embedded Apple for iPhone 4 has become a byword and touted as the best current display technology, in addition to Super Amoled. If the Apple engineers can provide this feature for iPad 2, will certainly add quality.
5. Three-Axis gyroscope sensor
If Apple integrate the features of the Three-Axis gyroscope sensor, users iPad would be more satisfied about using applications or playing games. This feature enables better sensitivity when responding to the movement.

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