Video sinopsis boiboiboy TV3 trailer

Sinopsis BoBoiBoy

BoBoiBoy memaparkan kisah seorang budak lelaki berusia 10 tahun yang berupaya menukar dirinya kepada tiga karakter yang mempunyai tiga kuasa yang berbeza. BoBoiBoy merupakan penentang keganasan makhluk asing yang turun ke bumi untuk mendapatkan biji koko.

Sebagai superhero, dia berupaya menukar dirinya kepada tiga karakter berbeza iaitu Bo, Boi dan Boy yang masing-masing mempunyai kuasa bumi, angin dan kilat.Antara watak lain yang turut menambah warna kepada siri yang mengangkat kisah superhero pertama kanak-kanak Malaysia ini ialah Ying, Gopal, Adu Du, Ochobot dan Tok Aba.

Animasi yang dihasilkan dalam dua versi iaitu bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris

Siri BoBoiBoy diterbitkan dalam format gambar HDTV, dan dijadualkan bersiaran di TV3 mulai 13 Mac 2011, dan Disney Channel Asia pada Jun 2011.

Sinopsis,Thank’s izany.Image FB/Boiboiboy. Lihat lebih banyak gambar boiboiboy disini.

Sinopsis BI:

BoBoiBoy First HD Trailer. Produced by Animonsta Studios with theme song by Yuri from The Factory Music Studio.

An adventure of BoBoiBoy and his friends fighting against Aliens who are invading earth for Coffee.

Imagine a future where Aliens have invaded earth in order to harvest the earth’s coffee supply. Imagine that the only hope for humanity lies within a little boy named BoBoi who wields an alien technology that transforms him into an amazing super hero. Join BoBoi and his friends as they go on an adventure and battle against ridiculous aliens who have abnormally square shaped heads and a crazy addiction to coffee. Though they are superheroes, they are still kids who always find a way to have fun and play games whilst upholding justice and doing good.

Total Episodes : 26 episodes x 11 minutes
Medium : Fully 3D Animated
Target Audience : Children & Family
Genre: Superhero, Adventure, Comedy
Language : Bahasa Malaysia (Local) English (International)
Production Timeline : January 2010 — June 2011


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