(Gambar) Kubur Francis Light Di Pulau Pinang

Siapa tidak kenal Kapten Francis Light,Founder of Penang pada tahun 1786.Petang tadi saya sempat berjalan-jalan sama Gulupu di sekitar Perkuburan Kristian yang tidak jauh dari Padang Kota Lama Penang.Ia adalah salah satu tarikan pelancong datang ke Pulau Mutiara ini.Masa kami sampai ada 2 orang couple mat salleh di sini.Hilang juga sikit perasaan seram tu.

Captain Francis Light (1740 – 25 October 1794)[1][2][3][4] was the founder of the British colony of Penang (in modern-day Malaysia) and its capital George Town in 1786.

He was baptised in DallinghooSuffolkEngland on 15 December 1740. His mother was given as Mary Light, though his father preferred to remain anonymous. He was taken in by a relative, the nobleman William Negus, and educated in elementary school with the Negus children: but was apprenticed early to a Naval Surgeon. It was initially thought that Light was illegitimate son of William Negus, but according to Noël Francis Light Purdon, the 6-times great-grandson of Francis Light, Negus was paid to look after him and be his guardian throughout his schooling[5]. He served as a Royal Navy midshipman from 1759 to 1763, but went out to seek his fortune in the colonies. From 1765, he worked as a private country trader. For about ten years he had his headquarters in Salang, Thailand, near Phuket, reviving a failed French trading post. While living there he learned to speak and write several languages, including Malay and Siamese. In 1785, he warned the Thais on Phuket Island of an imminent Burmese attack. Light’s warning enabled the islanders to prepare for Phuket’s defence and subsequently repel the Burmese invasion. For the British East India Company, he leased the island of Penang from the Sultan of Kedah, where many others had failed, and was supposedly given the Princess of Kedah as a reward (other sources state that the Princess was sent to covet Light’s aid on behalf of the Sultan)[6]. The multicultural colony of Penang became extraordinarily successful from its inception and Light served as the Superintendent of the colony until his death.

Light died from malaria on 21 October 1794 and was buried at the Protestant Cemetery on Northam Road (now Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah) in George Town. A statue which bears his name but has the facial features of his son William stands at Fort Cornwallis in George Town.

Light had four daughters and two sons with Martina Rozells, who was said to be of Portuguese and Siamese lineage. Martina is occasionally referred to in the literature as the Princess of Kedah, as above. If they were legally married, he did not declare it. However, it was against East India Company rules to marry a Catholic and, as Martina was Catholic, Light may have tried to avoid dismissal by never declaring his marriage. He did leave her his considerable property. Their son, Colonel William Light, was the founder of Adelaide in Australia.

Ni jalan masuk ke kawasan kubur,memang cantik pokok ni,ramai juga weeding photoshoot dibuat disini.

Aik..gulupu,siapa di sabalah kau tu? :)

Nah.. mana suda si gulupu tu,dia kasi tinggal saya kah?..

Di kubur ni juga terdapat seorang apek beca sedang dok lena menunggu pengunjung..

Keunikan kubur di sini menarik ramai pengunjung dari luar negara datang kesini.

Sebelum balik snap dulu muka sendiri di belakang kubur ni..si Gulupu kasi tinggal saya seorang-seorang disini,nasib baik saya nda sesat balik..hehe

P/S;Nantikan satu lagi destinasi menarik kami di post yang akan datang,dimana pula lepas ni?nantikan ya..err..mau balik dulu,sejuk badan saya..

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